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Enhancing the Shareholder experience

E Fast Transfer is a full service transfer agency, committed to a higher level of responsiveness to the application requirements of businesses, enterprises and multi-national corporations.

Our practice partners with over 500 organizations ranging from publicly listed corporations to private entities and SMEs. We perform a range of stock transfer services, complex corporate transactions, annual meetings and proxy services.

We understand that the decision to select a stock transfer agent is a great responsibility that has profound effects on your company and its stakeholders. E Fast Transfer is privileged to accept this responsibility for thousands of shareholder accounts.

E Fast Transfer has built its reputation by integrating innovative solutions with world-class technologies that align with the evolving demands of a modern business environment.

What is a Transfer Agency?

A full-service financial transfer agency is a third-party company that specializes in handling the administrative and record-keeping tasks associated with securities (such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds). These agencies play a crucial role in the financial markets and have key responsibilities such as;

Investor Record keeping: Maintaining accurate and up-to-date records of all investors in a particular security, Processing changes to investor information (address, name, banking details, etc.), Handling the transfer of ownership when securities are bought or sold.

Transaction Processing: Executing and settling trades of securities on behalf of investors and managing the receipt or disbursement of funds related to investments.

Distribution and Communication: Distributing financial statements, tax documents, proxy materials, and other essential reports to investors and also providing shareholders with a point of contact for inquiries and support.

Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring adherence to relevant regulations (e.g., KYC/AML, tax reporting) and protecting the integrity and security of investor data.

Why Choose Us?

  • Expertise: Transfer agents have specialized knowledge of financial regulations, recordkeeping processes, and industry best practices.
  • Efficiency and Scalability: They improve operational efficiency and handle fluctuations in trading volume.
  • Risk Reduction: They help companies with legal and regulatory compliance, minimizing the risk of errors or oversight.
  • Focus on Core Business: Transfer agents free up companies to focus on their primary operations and business strategies.
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Transfer Agent Services

Share Issuer Services
IPO Support Services
Private Company Services
Transfer Agent Services

Share Issuer Services

E Fast Transfer provides corporate partners with the following issuer services;

  • Securities issue and transfer: Accurate and timely issuance (primary issues, secondary issues, transfers, cancellations and re-issues) of public and private securities.
  • Stock certificate preparation: Administration of registry, stock certificate delivery and proxy material preparation.
  • Proxy services: Coordination in conjunction with corporate elections for shareholder rights to vote. E Fast Transfer provides tabulation services and certification of proxy requirements to facilitate the voting actions involved in Annual Meetings.
  • Corporate actions: Processing of mergers and acquisition activities, stock splits (forward and reverse), execution of dividend distribution schedule, spin-off administration, compiling and distribution of annual reports.
  • Information storage and data retention: State-of-the-art technologies systematically store recorded information inline with regulatory practices. Shareholder reports are securely stored and accessible upon direct request.
  • Escrow services: Private buy/sell actions with provisions for restrictions to conform with party requirements.

IPO Support Services

Cooperating with IPO service partners, our specialists coordinate to provide procedural support with third party auditors, securities compliance and underwriting insurers acting as IPO lead managers.

Our IPO support services ensure that the activities of all parties conform to jurisdictional regulations and adhere to stringent preparation requirements of index registry application, pre-IPO splits, conversions and restrictions.

Before, during and after, our IPO support services continues to present seamless transitions for the administration of existing shareholder as well as the ongoing management for new investors.

Our administrative specialists and support systems deliver a superior shareholder experience, providing access and reporting of data in a custom built solution that serves as an extension of a day-to-day corporate function.

Private Company Services

Working directly with privately held companies, E Fast Transfer delivers a guided solution to assist with the complex administrative demands faced by exceptional growth stage businesses.

Our support provides assistance during the private stage, helps to plan during the IPO preparation period, and then works through the IPO execution phase to facilitate a seamless transition from a privately held entity to a publicly listed company.

E Fast Transfer's expertise is supported by technology capabilities that incorporates a wide range of services to assist our privately held partners.

  • Stock issuances
  • Stock restrictions and conversions
  • Administrative organization
  • Pre-IPO consultancy
  • Employee stock option schemes
  • Equity structuring and administration

Transfer Agent Services

E Fast Transfer is responsible for the share registry and transfer services for public and private companies around the world. Our transfer agent services include;

  • Issuer and shareholder data recording
  • Transition of previous transactions
  • Dividend distribution scheduling and disbursements
  • Issuer support plans for reinvestment of dividends
  • Direct stock purchase planning and execution
  • Corporate proxy campaigns, tabulation and reporting
  • Execution of corporate actions

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